Tap left side of screen / press up — (double) jump

Tap right side of screen / press space bar — (stomp) attack to throw back fireballs (but stay away from the red ones!)

Last reported high score is 51. Can you do more?

This is my entry for GitHub's Game Off  2017.

The theme was throwback and I immediately thought of Zelda. Because firstly, it is the ultimate throwback in time for me personally because I basically grew up with the classic Zelda games, like A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening and Ocarina of Time.

And secondly, because of Link waving his sword to throw back energy balls that several end bosses are summoning.

Boss fight in Zelda — Link's Awakening
Link getting ready to throw back a deadly energy ball

The end result is this endless runner with Sam (also my initials), the Samurai. Jump, wave your sword, double jump, and wave your sword again. Enjoy!

This game is open source and you can find the code on GitHub.


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This is really cool man. I love the mechanic and sentiment behind it. Are you going to continue working on the game ? this game mechanic has potential to do some cool stuff. 

Thanks a mill for the kind feedback, backslash. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about continuing to work on the game. This is a perfect confirmation that I am on the right track—thanks for that! Do you have any specific game mechanics improvements/additions in mind?

it would be cool to have obstacles  and those obstacles can be destroyed by redirecting The fire ball